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Safety Is Our Priority

1. Easy to Mount and Release on Car Dashboard

2. Place on Any Flat Surface and it Keeps your Cell Phone/GPS in Perfect Position for a Hands free Phone Call,  Navigation to make your Driving Easier

3. Rubber Grip on Magnetic Surface Offers Extra Protection

4. 4 Piece Strong Powerful Magnet Inside the Mount, Supports Your Phone With No Problems

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Our Product

1. Our product uses advanced technology such as 3M tape. 3M is one of the strongest adhesive tapes in the world.

2. Our rubber grip keeps your phone safe and protected.

3. We use 4 powerful magnets throughout our product to ensure your phone's security/stability.

4. Materials: Aluminum alloy, Steel, Magnet

5. Compatible Brands: For Apple, and Samsungs

Our Goal

We want to help provide premium hand free mounts to keep you from distracted driving. New laws are cracking down on distracted driving, and we're here to support the cause. We want to provide you with a quality affordable product that could potentially save your life. Lets end the problem and go hands free to ensure the safety of you, and others on the road!